17,18 & 24,25 August 2024
Saturday & Sunday

Da'wah Dynamics

The Art Of Presenting Islam

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About the Workshop

Dawah Dynamics is a double weekend intensive workshop which aims at effectively imparting the art of presenting Islam. The approach of the Workshop is to enrich knowledge, mastery of concepts and empower skills of the participants.
As any academic proficiencies requires professional training and specialization in being able to bring about the best competencies in any area we choose to excel in, the same way we believe that becoming a Daee i.e a caller to Islam he/she needs to undergo professional training along with focus on the art of presenting Islam that will empower a person to effectively carry out the Da’wah i.e. invite mankind to the deen of Islam, with wisdom and best practices.
The goal is to enable a person to promote a better understanding of Islam to mankind in an organized and a dynamic way.


Ahmed Hamed

Speaker on Islam
Al Manar Islamic Centre

Hussain Yee

Speaker on Islam
Al Manar Islamic Centre

Ayaz Housee

Islamic Head
Private School in Dubai

Surprise Guests


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